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The first ever performance of my piece ‘You run on tracks not road’ is at artsdepot, Finchley on the 29th of June at 1 pm. I have worked in a very different way with this piece using technology and verbatim text set to melody to realise the work. Read below for more information on the piece…


The premiere of a new work by composer Niraj Chag, commissioned by artsdepot as part of PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Biennial.

Inspired by Chag’s Indian, East African and UK cultural heritage, the 13 minute piece You Run On Tracks, Not Roads is a fusion of live music and visual imagery. The piece tells the story of Niraj’s family, who travelled from India to Uganda to the UK as they sought work, and faced acceptance and resistance from the public and politicians along the way. Niraj has created the piece using the words of well-known nationalist politicians. At times uncomfortable to hear, these words are placed into a musical setting to highlight their beguiling power and to ask questions about who defines our land, and who it truly belongs to.

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