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Here is a short clip from ‘Skin’ by inDANCE. I scored this show a while back and this film is to celebrate inDANCE’s 20th anniversary. More info about the show below.


Happy PRIDE to Everyone Everywhere! Especially in countries where we continue to fight for the simple legal right to love someone just the way we are born to, without fear. Welcome to inDANCE’s 20th anniversary celebrations. From our digitized archives, we share our rich repertoire, with this homage to PRIDE weekend. Here are excerpts from “SKIN”, a signature work of inDANCE that defies heteronormative clichés on identity, sexuality and gender. “SKIN” unfolds in 3 chapters from an anthology inspired by erotic icons from the Greek pantheon:

ADONIS/APOLLO- is an unabashed lust filled no-strings attached tango-joust, on the beach, questioning the dynamics of race, culture and power in desire.

NARCISSUS- basking in the glory of his own beauty, seduces, ignores, confronts, bargains with, and rails against his terrifying shadow-soul: Time.

EROS/APHRODITE- inhabit a two-spirited married-in-real-life couple and challenge our ideas of fluid gender soul-mates love that exists in our midst. What are our true comfort zones for accepting, nurturing and celebrating that which we are not….?

Be Proud. Loud. Support. Enjoy. Love.