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I recently finished the music for ‘Food Prices: The Shocking Truth’ a Channel 4 series about the complexities behind food pricing and why they keep rising. The soundtrack is different from my recent scores (which have generally been more orchestral) and is a lot more synth based and electronic.

The series starts this Tuesday 18th March at 9pm on Channel 4 but will also go out on BBC World in the near future (for those of you not in the UK). More details below or CLICK HERE to watch a clip:


Food Prices: The Shocking Truth

Jimmy Doherty examines how the big challenges of the 21st century are affecting food prices, from the rise of Asia to the power of the financial markets, and from growing population to volatile weather.

In six years the price of an average food basket has gone up by 25%. And in the UK we import half of our food, which makes us extremely vulnerable to volatile prices.