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Choregraphed by Hari Krishnan, Śiva kissed Viṣṇu is an original Bharatanatyam-inspired contemporary full-length work performed by dancers Arun Mathai and Sujit Vaidya. The work incorporates multi-media visual design and is performed to a commissioned global music soundscape by Niraj Chag.

This is a rare, honest, unapologetic duet that subverts the heterosexual, rigid vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, by queering its expected aesthetics. Two classically trained male dancers perform a provocative duet focusing on same-sex love in the here and now, transgressing the fluid boundaries within the Kinsey scale of male to female and vice versa. Śiva kissed Viṣṇu has a burning contemporary resonance as it seeks to achieve the very thing that old India outlawed, to “open the flood gates of delinquent behaviour”!

Śiva kissed Viṣṇu will be featured as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival from March 18-21, 2020 at 8pm at The Roundhouse Performance Centre.