About New Breed

A New Breed for A New Time

Catalogue Number: CASTE 11

LP Release Date: 21/02/98

The New Sound of Asian Breakbeat Culture

This LP represents a new crop of artists ready to tell the world their story. This compilation sees 3 new acts launching their Outcaste careers. Outcaste New Breed UK represent the next generation of British Asian music. Emerging from the murky depths of the East End, the city sprawl of Manchester and the suburban shores of Southampton, Outcaste New Breed share a common aim, to create and define a sound that they can claim as their own. The new breed present you music from the disenfranchised, emanating through bedrooms in council estates. Raised on a musical diet that combines contemporary British sounds with classical Asian heritage and ancestry, this album shows the variety reflected in this music.

Experience atmospheric soundtracks, dirty raw funk, sublime breakbeats and lucid sweet vocals. This is Outcaste New Breed UK. The new breed are not about pretensions or stereotypes and they are not about being the new trend either. They are real, raw and represent music from the street. They are what new Asian music is!